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Peter Sutcliffe's (The Yorkshire Ripper) Last Meal of a Pot Noodle

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I'm also a fellow hater of reading the writer's life story whilst trying to get to a recipe, if you want to see pictures or read a few of my words about Peter Sutcliffe's, The Yorkshire Ripper, Last Meal, it'll be after the recipe. Thanks.

Ingredients: 50g Cooked Gammon 1 Red Chilli 1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Medium Sized Carrot

2 tbsp Ginger

25g Baby Spinach

25g Petit Pois

2 tbsp Soy Sauce

1/2 tbsp Yeast Extract

1/2 Lime - zested & juiced

50g dried Vermicelli Rice Noodles

Directions: 1. Ideally use a large heatproof jar, if you don't have one, use a medium heatproof bowl.

2. If your meat is raw, cook it now ; following the instructions on the packet.

3. Break up the Vermicelli Noodles and place at the bottom of the jar, then slice the remaining vegetable, as per the video, and use the vegetable peeler to make ribbons from the carrots.

4. Add the soy sauce and yeast extract to the noodles then on top place the veg and the zest of the lime.

5. Pour over enough boiling water to just cover the ingredients, and let rest for 10 minutes.

6. Season with salt & the lime juice and stir, serve immediately.

Peter Sutcliffe's Last Meal of a Pot Noodle
Our Homemade Pot Noodle, far better than Peter Sutcliffe's Last Meal of a packaged Pot Noodle.

Peter Sutcliffe ; The Yorkshire Ripper

Truly evil to the core, Peter Sutcliffe's Last Meal is the focus this week on The Last Supper.

Suffering from COVID-19 and squirming in a University Hospital bed in Durham, UK, The Yorkshire Ripper struggled to stomach a Pot Noodle as he spent his last night on Earth.

Apparently living on a diet of only packaged foods for nearly 40 years, Sutcliffe didn't trust the food from the prison canteen, as he believed that the Prison Guards were trying to poison him.

Perhaps there is some truth to this, or perhaps this is another symptom of Peter Sutcliffe's paranoid schizophrenia, which he was diagnosed with upon his apprehension in 1981 when he blamed the atrocities he committed on God, claiming that 'God was telling me to commit the murders'.

His mental state and diagnosis is not one that can be proved, and as someone who just recreates their last meals, I can't have opinion on the matter. However after he was transferred to a high-security mental hospital, called Broadmoor, and escaped the more harsher conditions of the maximum security Parkhurst Prison, he boasted that 'the women I killed were filth, bastard prostitutes. I was just cleaning up the place a bit'

You may be wondering who is Peter Sutcliffe? The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, was a HGV Driver by day, and a blood-thirsty serial killer by night who preyed upon the vulnerability of young sex workers and prostitutes in the North of England.

The Murders

His method's somewhat atypical and disturbing, he would lure the young women into his car, posing as a punter interested in their services, before

Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper
Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper.

usually preferring to strike them unconscious with a hammer and then slashing or stabbing the victims in particularly violent and with unnecessary brutality. One victim, 42-year old Emily Jackson, was stabbed 52 times in Leeds, thus the British Press dubbing the criminal responsible, The Yorkshire Ripper. A play on the 19th-century serial killer, Jack The Ripper, who operated in Whitechurch, London, and often violently carved his victims in a similar fashion.

During a 5 year murdering spree between 1975 - 1980, The Yorkshire Ripper murdered 13 innocent young women. His last few victims were not prostitutes which alerted the public and caused social tension. The pressure on the Yorkshire Police was intensified to increase their efforts and assign more Police Officers to the Ripper Squad.

In April 1981, Peter Sutcliffe was arrested in his car with 24-year old prostitute Olivia Reivers in his passenger side. The Police initially stopped Sutcliffe for having false number plates on his car and after searching further, they found a knife, a hammer and rope which he had tried to discard after telling the officers he was 'bursting for a pee'. They also found another knife in the cistern of the police station's toilets, which he had tried to discard whilst being detained.

After finding the suspicious evidence, the Ripper was held for 2 days and conducted through intensive questioning. Peter Sutcliffe's wife was brought in for question and a search warrant obtained on their home. After initially denying that he had any involvement with the murders, he suddenly and unexpectedly announced that he was the ripper and he was responsible for the attacks.

Over the next 24 hours he calmly described the murders and attacks, cooperating with the police and answering any questions they might of had.

The Yorkshire Ripper's Fate

At his trial, Sutcliffe pleaded not guilty to 13 murders, claiming diminished responisiblity as he was carrying out God's will and explained he began hearing voices instructing him ot kill prostitutes whilst working as a gravedigger. The trial lasted a mere 2 weeks before he was found guilty and deemed by the Judge as beyond redemption and that he will never be leaving prison.

Peter Sutcliffe's Last Meal was a Pot Noodle shortly before he died on 17th November 2020 of COVID-19. A reletively calm end for the monster when you compare to how some of his victims met their fates. PS. I have to leave out some of the details as I have to remember this is a cooking show - and I don't want to spoil your appetite.

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